UMC Parking Info

Parking at UMC

Individuals who are NOT authorized to park in the garage will be expected to pay for parking if during the day, during the week.  Daily rates are $8, and lost card rates are $12. 

Rules for parking at UMC:

  1. If you get to UMC before 5:30 am or if you are staying after 7:00 pm, you may get your parking validated at the police station (located on the second floor in the entrance to the ED) and can park in the UMC lot.
  2. You can park in the UMCNO garage anytime on weekends and get your parking ticket validated on the second floor security area by the ER.
  3. If you get to school before 7:30 am, you may park in the Roman St. Garage. You are only allowed to park on the 7th floor and the RAMP leading from the 6th-7th floors. Notice, this means you are not allowed to park on the 6th floor.
  4. Gravier St. lot – can only park if arrive after 4:30 pm or pay $30 for 24/7 access.

SHUTTLE MAP from the medical school & link to the shuttle tracker.