Announcements (2/5-2/11)

Below are your Weekly Announcements:

  1. Anesthesia (AIG) Meeting – 2/6
  2. Pediatrics (PIG) Meeting – 2/6
  3. SNMA Movie Screening – 2/6
  4. Psychiatry Meeting – 2/7
  5. Ophthalmology (OIG) Meeting – 2/7
  6. Business in Medicine (BiM) Meeting – 2/15
  7. GHHS
  8. SRHC
  9. Cancer Resource Room
  1. Anesthesia Meeting

Anesthesiology Interest Group will be having a meeting on Monday February 6th at 12:00 pm in room S6 of the MEB. Dr. Alan Kaye, the chair of LSU’s Anesthesiology Department will be speaking about the fellowships of Anesthesiology. Food will be provided courtesy of the LSU Anesthesiology Department. I look forward to seeing y’all there!


  1. Pediatrics Meeting

The first Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) meeting of the spring semester will be this Monday, February 6th at 12pm in Lecture Hall A.


Dr. Barkemeyer is bringing the family of a pediatric patient with a history of a brain tumor and successful treatment to tell their story so it should be a really awesome meeting!!! Please fill out the survey monkey below if you are coming!


If you are interested in becoming a PIG member, it’s not too late! Please place a $20 Check in Brittany Woods’ Double Sided NTS Folder (L2 side) written out to “PIG” or bring a check to our next meeting. Dues will get you lunch as well as an awesome T-shirt which we will be ordered after this meeting!


Please let us know if you have any questions. See you Monday!


~PIG Officers

  1. SNMA Movie

Please join SNMA in celebrating Black History Month with our first event, Something that the Lord Made Movie Screening


When: Monday, February 6th @ 11:55 am- 1:00 pm

Where: MEB S10


Something the Lord Made tells the story of the 34-year partnership that begins in Depression Era Nashville in 1930 when Blalock hires Thomas as an assistant in his Vanderbilt University lab, expecting him to perform janitorial work. But Thomas’ remarkable manual dexterity and intellectual acumen confound Blalock’s expectations, and Thomas rapidly becomes indispensable as a research partner to Blalock in his forays into heart surgery. The film traces the two men’s work when they move in 1943 from Vanderbilt to Johns Hopkins, an institution where the only black employees are janitors and where Thomas must enter by the back door. Together, they attack the congenital heart defect of Tetralogy of Fallot, also known as Blue Baby Syndrome, and in so doing they open the field of heart surgery.


We hope to see you there.


-SNMA Leadership



“Flash Fact”: Vivien T. Thomas (1910-1985)


Vivien T. Thomas was born in New Iberia, LA. He planned to attend college and medical school but his plans were deterred once the stock market crashed and lost all of his savings. As a result, he took a job at Vanderbilt University’s medical school with Dr. Alfred Blalock. Thomas performed operations on animlas that would advance Blalock’s studies of traumatic shock and high blood pressure. In 1941, Blalock became chief surgeon at John Hopkins University’s medical school and Thomas was hired to join his team. Thomas was not given the proper classification for his work because he was an African American. Thomas advised Blalock to successfully perform the first “blue baby” operation. Thomas continued to advise in the operating room and became a key partner in hundreds of “blue baby” operations, performing pre- and post- operation procedures on patients. He also helped trained surgeons such as Denton Cooley.


Source: PBS (Partners of the Heart)


  1. Psychiatry Meeting

Next Tuesday, February 7th from 12 -1 in MEB S6 the Psychiatry IG will be having a meeting featuring psychiatrist Dr. Cody Roi. Lunch will be served for members at this meeting (taking suggestions). We will also be taking the club yearbook photo, so come and go down in history as a proud member (dues paying or not).


Direct suggestions/comments to Elaine Meyers (


Get Psyched!

  1. Ophthalmology Meeting

Just wanted to remind everyone that we have a meeting this Tuesday Feb 7th at 12pm in MEB S15. One or two residents are going to come have a Q&A session with us about what ophtho residency is like. They will be coming straight from clinic so probably won’t arrive until around 12:15pm, so grab your lunch before you come!

  1. Business in Medicine

The next Business in Medicine meeting will be on Wednesday, Feb 15th at noon in Lecture Hall A. Our speaker will be Dr. Karlin, a surgeon in private practice here in New Orleans, who will speak on the pros of going into private practice, work life balance, how difficult it is to manage a practice vs hospital based employment, and answer any questions we may have. As always no dues, and feel free to bring your lunch. Hope to see you all there!

  1. GHHS

Please use the survey link below to nominate up to two medical students who embody the ideals of integrity, service, respect, and empathy. Members of the Gold Humanism Honor Society will then vote among the nominees to select two students from each class as Students of the Month. This is a great way to recognize classmates who go above and beyond! Email Julie at for any questions or problems.

  1. SRHC

Hey L3s and L4s,


Every year, the LSU Student-Run Homeless Clinics rely on third and fourth year medical students to operate. Starting this semester, we have officially changed the New Orleans Mission clinics to Saturdays instead of Thursdays. Ozanam Inn clinics are still on Saturdays from 10am-2pm. New Orleans Mission clinics will now be on Saturdays from 1-4pm. If you have already signed up for a Thursday clinic this semester, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you’d like to volunteer, please use this link to sign up. You do NOT have to have previously volunteered at either of the SRHCs to volunteer now. Feel free to contact us at the emails below with any questions about the clinics.


Thank you,

Heather Valdin, Ozanam Inn Clinic Director (

Max Musharoff, New Orleans Mission Director (

  1. Cancer Resource Room

Please sign up to be a volunteer for the Cancer Resource Room! (SLE approved!)


For more information, contact Katy Olivier –

Tuan Tran

Secretary, Student Government Association

LSU New Orleans School of Medicine

Class of 2018

(337) 256-0270

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