Course name and number: Biochemistry Laboratory (LSU-MCLNO) BIOCH 422a


Department faculty

Duration: 4 weeks

Availability: All blocks and summer

Number of students: open


To provide the student with an introduction to contemporary biomedical research techniques in biochemistry as they relate to fundamental problems of molecular, cell, and structural biology. To familiarize the student with the conceptual approaches to experimental design, data analysis, and evaluation of the existing literature.

Means of Implementation:

Students will conduct carefully-limited laboratory research projects under the supervision of Department faculty and their staff. The nature and scope of the research project will be formulated following initial discussions between the student and their faculty mentor.

Method of Evaluation :

Students are evaluated on their attendance, attitude, and participation in laboratory discussions and research. Participation includes reading and evaluation of assigned literature, planning and execution of experiments, analysis of the resulting data, and preparation of oral or written reports. The latter may include subsequent presentation at regional or national meetings as warranted.