2018%209:19:16%20PM          Wajeeh Irfan, MD

         Undergraduate: University of Florida

         Medical School: University of Florida

         General Surgery Residency: LSU

         Fun fact: AKA Muffin Man




PGY - 5

         Melanie Schiesow, M 2018%209:10:21%20PM D

         Undergraduate: University of Michigan – 2009

         Medical School: Saint Louis University School of Medicine – 2014

         Fun fact: Game Night Chief




2018%209:13:42%20PM         Samuel Victoria, MD 

        Undergraduate: University of Miami – 2009

        Medical School: Ponce School of Medicine – 2014

        Fun fact: Colombian Soccer Celebrity




PGY - 4 

       Alissa Hart, MD  2018%2010:19:38%20PM

       Undergraduate: Creighton University – 2011

       Medical School: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine – 2015

       Fun fact: Eats her cereal with Diet Mt Dew





       Kevin Au, MD 

       Undergraduate: University of Oregon – 2009

       Medical School: Albany Medical College – 2015

       Fun fact: Still uses a typewriter




PGY - 3 

2018%2010:34:23%20PM        Alykhan Lalani, MD 

       Undergraduate: Georgia State University – 2010

       Masters Studies: Georgia State University – 2012

       Medical School: Medical College of Georgia – 2016

       Fun fact: Everyone is his favorite



2018%2010:00:17%20PM      JOYCE KIM, MD 

     Undergraduate: Pomona College – 2009

     Medical School: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine – 2016

     Fun fact: From the North part of South Korea



PGY - 2: 


     Kelli Summers, MD 

     Undergraduate: University of Rochester – 2011

     Medical School: Stony Brook School of Medicine – 2017

     Fun fact: Shark attack survivor




     Shivik Patel, MD  2018%2010:11:03%20PM

     Undergraduate: Gannon University – 2011

     Medical School: Upstate Medical University of Syracuse – 2017

     Fun fact: Chooses to be bald




PGY - 1: 

     Donald Mendoza, MD  2018%2010:24:22%20PM

     Undergraduate: University of Texas – 2013

     Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine – 2018

     Fun fact: Has a fun fact, likely about tomatoes





     Katie Swanson, MD 

     Undergraduate: Williams and Mary – 2012

     Medical School: Tulane Medical School – 2018

     Fun fact: Gluten sensitive