LSUHSC Summer Program in Bioinformatics and Genomics

Organizationally located within the LSUHSC- Bioinformatics and Genomics Program this program is designed to facilitate “the involvement of talented students in research aspects of the fields of bioinformatics, genomics and data sciences, in particular those from disadvantaged background such as underrepresented minorities, or first-generation college students.”

The summer program seeks to identify talented sophomores and juniors from around the country who could benefit from spending a summer on the LSUHSC campus working in a research laboratory under the mentorship and guidance of experienced scientists participating in the various bioinformatics and genomics interdisciplinary research projects focused on bioinformatics, genomics and data science.

The program also includes hands-on research in bioinformatics, genomics and data science and seminars by faculty, planned readings and discussions of research and results, and exercises in data analysis. Participants learn skills fundamental to the task of extracting information from the huge amounts of omics data produced by the various omics and next generation sequencing projects.

The program is funded by NIH, NSF and the School of Medicine. Our ideal candidates are undergraduate students with quantitative interests and skills who aspires to contribute to advances in biomedical research in the genomics era.   This is not a program for students seeking a summer research experience in order to enhance your competitiveness for entry to medical school.


2016 - Members of the Summer Bioinformatics and Genomics Research Program


Jacob Elnaggar      2016

Undergraduate in Bioinformatics:
Baylor University, Texas.

Mapping the genomic landscape of triple negative breast cancer.


Chiamaka Okeke    2016

Undergraduate in Biology: 
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.

Discovery of prognostic markers and therapeutic targets in childhood leukemia.