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Current Trainees

Predoctoral Trainees




  Stephen Ford, B.S.

Program: MD/PhD
Undergraduate: UNO
–Major: Biological Sciences
Research project: Effects of chronic binge alcohol on anabolic signaling in skeletal muscle of SIV-infected male Rhesus macaques
Recent accomplishments:
–F30 AA024030-01A1, “Chronic Alcohol Dysregulation of Anabolic Signaling in Skeletal Muscle of SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques”

Winner of the 2016 Caroline tum Suden/Francis A. Hellebrandt Professional Opportunity Awards for the 2016 EB Conference




   John Maxi, B.S.

Program: Interdisciplinary/Physiology
Undergraduate: Ohio State
–Major: Psychology
Research project: Chronic binge alcohol exacerbation of neurodegeneration in SIV infection.
Recent accomplishments:
–F31 AA024365; Chronic Binge Alcohol and SIV: Interacting Neuropathological Mechanisms
–NIAAA travel award to NeuroHIV and Alcohol Abuse meeting conference
–Student Merit Award, Research Society on Alcoholism conference 2015


   Jacques Mayeux, M.S.

Program: Interdisciplinary/Physiology
Undergraduate: Baylor University
–Major: Biological Sciences
Graduate: Tulane University
–Masters: Genetics
Research project: Mechanism driving increased post-concussive alcohol drinking
Recent accomplishments:
–Three month biomedical engineering co-op at Halyard Health in Atlanta, GA
––NIAAA travel award to 2015 Research Society on Alcoholism conference in San Antonio, TX
––Best graduate student talk at LSUHSC ADACE retreat (May 2015)

PostDoctoral Fellows


   Anthony A. Duplanty, Ph.D.

Program: NIAAA-Funded T32 Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD: University of North Texas
–Major: Biology (Emphasis on Exercise Physiology)
Research project: Impact of alcohol intoxication on HIV disease progression.
My long-term research interest is to study the effects of alcohol ingestion on muscle physiology. I am currently involved in projects relating to alcohol and metabolic dysregulation in SIV/HIV