School of Medicine

Office of Alumni Affairs

Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Medical Alumni Association Board of Directors, which meets three or four times each year, consists of 30 members.

If you are interested in being nominated to serve on the Alumni Board of Directors, send a brief bio to the Office of Alumni Affairs, via e-mail at

Board of Directors

Randolph L. Roig, MD ('92)

Lisa M. Jaubert, MD ('07)

Casey A. Murphy, MD ('13)
Vice President    

Cathi Fontenot, MD ('84)

Fred H. Rodriguez, Jr., MD ('75)
Committee of 100 Representative

Maurice L. Bercier, MD ('68)
Andy P. Blalock, MD ('98)
Acadiana Area Regional Representatives

James A. Lalonde, MD ('98)
Stanley E. Peters, MD ('78)
Baton Rouge Area Regional Representatives

Jonathan L. Foret, MD  ('07)
John M. Winterton, MD ('90)   
Calcasieu Area Regional Representatives

Vincent R. Forte, MD ('92)
Renick P. Webb, MD ('83)
North Louisiana Area Regional Representatives

Ludwig C. Heintz, MD ('80)
A. James Lacour, MD (‘82)
Northshore Area Regional Representatives

J. Vance Broussard, MD ('85)
Haden A. Lafaye, MD ('90)
Terrebonne Area Regional Representatives

Members at Large

R. Douglas Bostick, MD ('96)
Chris R. Burkenstock, MD ('11)
James W. Callaghan, MD ('90)
Spencer J. Hart, MD ('18)
Evelyn A. Kluka, MD ('84)
Eugene M. Louviere, MD ('72)
Michael D. Modica, MD ('14)
Gloria A. Richard-Davis, MD ('82)
Richard C. Vanderbrook, MD ('95)
Barton L. Wax, MD ('07)

Jodi Chatters Hardy, MD ('21)
Resident Representative

Richard P. DiCarlo, MD ('87)
Interim Dean, School of Medicine

Stephanie N. Taylor, MD ('88)
Interim Senior Associate Dean for
    Faculty and Institutional Affairs

Sanjeeva T. Reddy, MD ('89)
Past President