Outline for Interventional Cardiology conferences

(Tuesday 7:15-8AM)


1st Tuesday of the block:                                                                     Didactics (faculty lecture)

2nd Tuesday:                                                                                       Interventional cases

3rd Tuesday:                                                                                        Article review (Interventional fellow presentation)

4th Thursday:                                                                                       Interventional cases

Fridays:                                                                                               Cardiology Conference


Tuesday conferences (715am):

Attendance at Tuesday morning conference is mandatory for all fellows attending the morning UMC clinic, all UMC fellows (including general fellow on EP and research), and Kenner fellow (Dr. Sub may excuse the fellow if there is a clinical emergency that needs the fellow to be at Kenner during conference time).  The only exceptions are for the fellow assigned to Lafayette, Touro nights, or if assigned to Touro daytime but not in Tuesday morning clinic.  Any clinical work needed to prepare patients for procedures should be completed prior to 715am. Attendance will be tracked and reflected in evaluations.  

Didactic lectures (1st Tuesday)

Lectures will be delivered by faculty (20-30 minutes) consisting of topics covering the Interventional Cardiology core curriculum (see topics below). 

Interventional cases (2nd/4th Tuesday)

Each conference will consist of 3-4 cases presented by the interventional fellow and one of the attendings. Cases will be analyzed in two steps: during the first step, general cardiology fellows will interpret the angiographic images. On the 2nd step, technical aspects will be analyzed for the interventional fellow to discuss periprocedural decision making.

Article review (3rd Tuesday)

A salient research article from interventional cardiology will be presented informally (no slides necessary) by the interventional fellow over the course of 20-30 minutes.  The presentation should include an understanding of the scientific rationale for the study, inclusion and exclusion criteria in the trial, understanding of the methodology utilized, review of results, and discussion regarding the take-home messages and limitations from the analysis.  On occasion, a review of clinical care guidelines may replace a review of the literature (see topics below).


 Potential didactic cath conference topics:


  1. IVUS/OCT                                                                                                                                                                               
  2. Bifurcation stenting                                                                                                        
  3. Rotablator                                                                                                                                    
  4. Renal and carotid stenting                                                                                             
  5. Endovascular therapy of lower extremity PAD                                                         
  6. ASD closure                                                                                                                            
  7. No reflow                                                                                                                                    
  8. Chronic total occlusions: should we or shouldn’t we?                                        
  9. Balloon valvuloplasty (mitral and aortic, including TAVR)                                      
  10. Fractional flow reserve                                                                                                          
  11. STEMI: fibrinolytics, primary PCI, pharmacoinvasive strategy                        


Potential articles for review (3rd Tuesday)

  1. OAT
  3. SHOCK
  5. TAPAS
  6. BARI
  8. ACC/AHA guidelines for management of stable CAD
  9. ACC/AHA guidelines for management of acute coronary syndrome
  10. ACC/AHA guidelines for management of cardiogenic shock



Other topics may be covered if time allows.


Questions regarding this conference schedule can be directed to Drs. Ali, Grant, Cox-Alomar or the cardiology or interventional cardiology program directors (Drs. Jain or Ali).