School of Medicine

Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy

Courses Taught by CB&A Faculty


Course Number


Allied Health Professions

Neuroanatomy ANAT 6533 *Devier, *Middleton, Whim, Liu, Wills
Psychoacoustics and Speech Perception SPTHAUD 6235 *Farris
Human Anatomy (PT, OT & PA) ANAT 6522 Sedlmayr, *Hedrick, Schachner
Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing SPTHAUD 6201 *Master, Ransom
Cardiopulmonary Anatomy CPSC3130 *Casey


Gross Anatomy & Neuroscience DENT 1101 *Schachner, **Sedlmayr
General Histology DENT 1112 *Lallier
Oral Histology and Embryology DENT 1121 *Lallier
Dental Hygiene Gross Anatomy DHY3101 *Sedlmayr
Dental Hygiene Histology DHY3203 *Lallier

Graduate Studies

Digital Multimedia Techniques for Anatomy ANAT 285 *Cork, **Casey
Anatomy Journal Club ANAT 291 *De Souza


Gross and Developmental Anatomy ANAT 100 *Mussell,*Van Nuland, Meckel. Ransom
Neuroscience and Disease of the Neurological-Psychiatric Systems MCLIN 232 *Farris, Middleton, Weyand, Devier, Whim
Cell Biology and Microanatomy (Histology) ANAT 110 *VanNuland


Human Anatomy (Fall) HLSC 2412 *Cork, *Casey, Baker
Human Anatomy (Spring) HLSC 2412 *Cork, *Casey, Ransom 
Clinical Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology and Mental Health HLSC 7246 *Devier

*Course Director, **Co-Course Director