Human Gross Anatomy
Course Description and Policy Statement

Human Gross Anatomy (ANAT 6522) is a lecture and laboratory course which focuses on the anatomical structure and function of the human body. Human cadaveric dissection provides a hands-on learning experience which allows the student to develop a working mental image of the human body and how it functions. Acquisition of this knowledge will serve as the foundation for the student’s future clinical practice. 

In general, each class meeting consists of a lecture session(s) followed by laboratory dissection. Please refer to the Course Syllabus for dates, topics, and dissection pages for each session. 

Students should come to laboratory prepared for the daily assignment by reading the dissector BEFORE coming to lab. 

Students MUST take ALL exams at the stated times. If a student is ill and cannot take an exam as scheduled, the student should contact the Course Director either by e-mail or phone within 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam time. Any student who misses an examination due to illness MUST provide a justification, in writing, from their physician either 24 hours before or 24 hours after the exam day before a remake examination will be considered. All make-up examinations MUST be taken no later than one week after the student returns to class. NO EXCEPTIONS! Because of the impossibility of setting up make-up practical exams, all make-up examinations will consist of an essay written portion and an oral practical segment. Permission for absence from an examination for reasons other than illness must be requested of the Course Director before the scheduled exam day, and requires very serious justification. UNEXCUSED absence from an examination will result in a score of ZERO for that exam.       

  • LectureAttendance is MANDATORY. Lectures begin promptly on the hour, and attendance will be monitored at each session. You are expected to be in your seat at the beginning of each session. Each student is responsible for all the information presented in each lecture. This includes dissection procedural changes, special announcements, textbook corrections, and schedule changes.           
  • LaboratoryAttendance is  MANDATORY. Lab begins approximately 15 minutes following the lecture session. Lab discussions or announcements may be conducted before, during, or at the end of a lab session. Students are responsible for all information presented during these discussions or announcements. 

Dress Code:  Students are expected to dress modestly. NO shorts, halter tops, or open-toed shoes are allowed in the gross anatomy labs at any time.      

Students are expected to adhere to the LSUHSC Codes of Conduct, Ethics, and Professionalism, and to maintain a professional academic atmosphere at all times. Any infractions of professional conduct, such as cheating, etc., will be handled according to the Student Guidelines.