Medical Records

At the time of your initial clinic visit your Center physician will need to review your past medical records. Although we encourage you to mail them to us in advance of your visit, we also strongly recommend that you bring a copy with you to the clinic. Similarly, if you have had neuroimaging studies such as MRI's, we strongly recommend that you bring copies of the actual films so that the epileptologist can review them for you. To obtain your medical records you will need to go to your doctor and, or hospital and sign a release of information form to allow your records to be sent to us. We will maintain strict confidentiality for all records received – they will only be available for review by Center staff. In addition to your medical records you will be sent a form with specific questions regarding epilepsy. Please fill out this form and bring it with you to your appointment.

The Epilepsy Center requests that new patients provide copies of their relevant medical records to aid in the gathering of medical history.  New patients may print the medical release form, complete it, sign it and send it to their physician’s office or to the Epilepsy Center.  If you are mailing the form to the Epilepsy Center, please use the mailing address on the top of the form and send it Attention: LSU Epilepsy Center, New Patient Records.  If you would like to fax the completed and signed form, please send it to : LSU Epilepsy Center, New Patient Records at 504-412-1518.