Diagnosis - 24 to 96 Hour at Home EEG Monitoring

Ambulatory EEG monitoring is similar to routine EEG except the EEG recording device is contained in a small box that is worn by the patient.  Using this device, long duration recordings can be made lasting 24 to 96 hours.  More importantly, the patient can go about their daily activities during the recording.  Ambulatory EEG monitoring is used to help diagnose attacks as being epileptic, to classify the type of seizure disorder, to determine if unsuspected seizures are occurring (particularly if behavioral, memory or other cognitive changes are occurring) during sleep or without the patient's recollection.  Patients who need ambulatory monitoring come to the EEG lab to have the electrodes applied to the scalp and the recording device initiated.  After 24 to 96 hours, the patient returns to the laboratory to have the electrodes removed and the EEG information downloaded to a computer for viewing by the physician.