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Jessica Guillory Riche, MHA
Assistant Business Manager
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Thomas Reske, MD - Program Director & Section Chief 

Lobna H. Ali, MD

Rodney Pattabhi, MD


Section of Geriatrics



To provide top quality medical and interdisciplinary education and training, patient care, and research in the field of aging.





A one-year, accredited clinical fellowship in Geriatric Medicine is available to candidates who have satisfactorily completed the residency and are board eligible in their specialty of Family Medicine or Internal Medicine. Two positions are available each year. Rotational experiences include geriatric psychiatry (2 months), physical medicine and rehabilitation (2 months), geriatric consultation/concentrated Long Term Care experience (4 months), sub-specialty clinics (Pain, Orthopaedics, Urology, Neurology) (1 month), Home Care (1 month), Hospice (1 month), and elective (1 month). Four weeks of vacation are also provided. Longitudinal experiences include Home Care, nursing home, and primary care clinic. Fellows must complete a limited research project prior to finishing the fellowship.

A second and third year concentrated research experience is available leading to an MPH degree. Duties during the two-year experience include clinical/teaching in geriatrics at affiliated LSU teaching sites serving as a junior faculty member with medical students and resident physicians, course work leading to the MPH degree at the School of Public Health, and completion of a research project suitable for publication/presentation.

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The Section of Geriatric Medicine provides a 4-week experience for LSU Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residents in the senior year of training. Residents are exposed to clinical aspects of nursing home care, adult day care, home care, geriatric primary care and assessment clinic, and inpatient consultation service. Residents are particularly exposed to Geriatric Syndromes: Functional decline, Dementia, Delirium, Depression, Polypharmacy, Urinary Incontinence, Malnutrition, and Falls/Osteoporosis.


Medical Students

A four-week elective in Geriatric Medicine is offered year-round through the Section of Geriatric Medicine for senior medical students who would like additional clinical exposure to the elderly and/or whom may be interested in Geriatrics as a career.

A 10-week elective (four hours per week) is offered to second year medical students interested in learning more about Geriatric Medicine and who may be interested in completing a research project.


Interdisciplinary Education

The Section of Geriatric Medicine's faculty collaborates with faculty and students from the Schools of Nursing and Allied Health on an ongoing basis and at clinical sites.




Our board-certified Geriatricians provide top-quality care to elderly patients experiencing medical and psychosocial issues associated with aging. Our physicians focus on preventative medicine as well as management strategies to improve patients’ quality of life and level of independence.

Clinical services include:

  • Outpatient geriatric primary care services
  • Inpatient geriatric consultation
  • Home care for patients referred through case management services
  • Geriatric assessment and management
  • Expertise in the "geriatric syndromes” such as:
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Frailty
  • Falls
  • Malnutrition
  • Incontinence

Geriatric Oncology Program

The Section of Geriatrics, in conjunction with the Section of Hematology/Oncology, offers a Geriatric Oncology program for elderly cancer patients. A comprehensive multidisciplinary program, the Geriatric Oncology program enhances existing Oncology services by creating a setting specifically designed to address the unique needs of older cancer patients and their families under the direction of a team providing clinical expertise and research in the area of geriatric oncology. The Geriatric Oncology program offers this patient population a comprehensive assessment to address their treatment plan using innovative assessments tools, with a goal of identifying appropriate level of treatment based on latest literature and research, reducing unnecessary tests and hospital stays, and providing support services to patients and families. The program aims to improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers. The Geriatric Oncology Program is led by Dr. Thomas Reske, who is board-certified in both Geriatrics and Hematology/Oncology. The Geriatric Oncology Clinic is located at the St. Charles Avenue LSU Healthcare Network campus at 3700 St. Charles Ave.

Clinical sites for training and patient care for the Section of Geriatric Medicine include the following:

LSU HealthCare Network located at 3700 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans 70115. Several full-time board-certified faculty provide outpatient primary care geriatric services on various days of the week.  This is also the location of the Geriatric Oncology clinic.

Lafon Nursing Home located at 6901 Chef Menteur Boulevard in New Orleans, LA 70126. A full time faculty member provides Medical Direction and primary care to nursing home residents. Fellows rotate here for the Long Term Care - Concentrated experience.

Poydras Home located at 5354 Magazine St. in New Orleans, LA, 70115. A full time faculty member provides medical direction and primary care to nursing home residents. This is another site for the Long Term Care - Concentrated experience for fellows.

Concerned Care Home Health and Concerned Care Hospice  A full time faculty member provides medical direction and primary care to Home and Hospice residents.

Canon Hospice 1221 S. Clearview Pkwy. in Jefferson LA 70121A full time faculty member provides medical direction and primary care to Hospiceresidents. 

Touro Infirmary. A majority of the fellowship inpatient and outpatient clinical rotations are located at Touro.

University Hospital. Home Care patients in the New Orleans Metro area are referred from the LSU University Hospital and Tulane Medicine services through case management services.  One full time geriatric faculty member and a geriatrician double-boarded in Oncology also provide consultation for the Geriatric Oncology Service, and a full time geriatrician double-boarded in Infectious Disease provides staffing for the HIV Clinic.




Horizon Trial-Phase III Study - to evaluate the effect of zolidronate in post-operative elderly post hip fracture-2001.

Observational Study of the Association between Chronic Anemia and Nursing Home Residents-$130,000-March 1, 2007 to March 1, 2008-Sites (John J. Hainkel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New Orleans, La., Chateau Living Center in Kenner, La., Chateau De Notre Dame Nursing Center in New Orleans, and St. Anna's Residence in New Orleans, La.)

The section is also involved in planning studies focused on nutritrional interventions for geriatric disorders, such as investigating the effects of blueberries on chronic kidney disease.

Research opportunities exist for medical students, residents, fellows, MPH candidates and nursing and allied health students at clinical practice sites.



Amgen Sponsored Osteoporosis LTC Project that began in 2012 and is currently ongoing and involves 7 nursing homes and approximately 1500 nursing home residents with the purpose of determining contraindications to bisphosphonate therapy.