Please click on any of the following links below for educational guides and resources on lung cancer:


Resource Guides

  1. About Your Lung Cancer: You Have Questions, We Have Answers (LungCAN) (brochure)

  2. Cancer Information: Where to find help (American Institute for Cancer Research) (booklet)

  3. Cancer Resource Guide (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) (booklet)

  4. Finding Resources in Your Community (CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  5. Lung Cancer Resource Directory (lungcancerguidebook.org) (booklet)

  6. Lung Cancer Resource Guide (The Educated Patient) (booklet)


Comprehensive Booklets & Information Guides for Lung Cancer

  1. About Lung Cancer: A Quick Guide (Cancer Research UK) (handouts)

  2. After Diagnosis: A Guide for Patients and Families (American Cancer Society) (booklet)

  3. A Patient's Guide to Advances in Lung Cancer (CURE, National Lung Cancer Partnership) (booklet)

  4. A Practical Guide to Understanding Lung Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support) (booklet)

  5. Better Living with Lung Cancer: A Patient Guide (Lung Foundation) (booklet)

  6. Five Facts You Don't Know About Lung Cancer (gene.com) (leaflet)

  7. Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Lung Cancer (Cancer Support Community) (booklet, June 2016)

  8. June's Journey: A Story About Lung Cancer (Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program) (booklet and illustrations)

  9. LIFE LUNG LEARNING: Resources for Persons with Lung Cancer and Their Families (University of Chicago Medical Center) (PowerPoint)

  10. Living With A Diagnosis of Lung Cancer (Free to Breathe) (booklet)

  11. Living with Lung Cancer: Your Lungs and Lung Cancer (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation) (patient handout)

  12. Lung Cancer (MD Anderson Cancer Center) (patient education handout)

  13. Lung Cancer Choices (Caring Ambassadors Program, 2nd Ed.) (booklet)

  14. Lung Cancer Fact Sheet (American Cancer Society) (fact sheet) 

  15. Lung Cancer Facts & What You Can Do (Free to Breathe) (fact sheet)

  16. Lung Cancer for Patients (SIGN) (booklet)

  17. Lung Cancer Handbook (Pearl Point Cancer Support) (booklet)

  18. Lung Cancer Information Guide and Personal Record (Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre) (booklet)

  19. Lung Cancer Patient Bill of Rights (LungCAN) (patient handout)

  20. Myths & Facts about Lung Cancer: What you need to know (Dr. John C. Ruckdeschel, MD) (booklet)

  21. Navigating Lung Cancer: 360 Degrees of Hope Handbook (Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, 2nd Ed.) (guidebook)

  22. Understanding Lung Cancer: A guide for people with cancer, their family and friends (Cancer Council, 2018) (booklet)

  23. What You Need To Know About Lung Cancer (National Cancer Institute) (booklet)

  24. Advanced Cancer Care Planning: A Decision-Making Guide to Patients and Families Facing Serious Illness (American Cancer Society of Clinical Oncology) (ASCO answers booklet)


Other Information

  1. Glossary of Terms for Lung Cancer (Juravinski Cancer Centre)

  2. LUNGevity's Lung Cancer Glossary

  3. Life Planning (American Lung Association's Facing Lung Cancer Support From Day One)

  4. Sample Advance Health Care Directive Worksheet (American Lung Association)

  5. Decoding Lung Cancer Terminology (Lung Cancer Profiles) 

  6. Finding Resources in Your Community (Lungcancer.org) 

  7. Life With Lung Cancer (Lilly Oncology) 

  8. Lung Cancer Basics (Lung Cancer Alliance) 

  9. Lung Cancer - Patient Version (National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health) 


Other Tools: 

  1. LiveHelp (Cancer.gov) (instant messaging service)




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