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Diversity & Inclusion

2022 Robert S. Daniels, MD Lecture

Diversity in Graduate Medical Education.
William McDade MD (ACGME)
May 13, 2022

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Block 1: Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Equity Matters – Module 1 – Trauma-Responsive Cultures Part 1 (35 mins), Trauma-Responsive Cultures Part 2 (45 mins), The History of Race in Medicine: From Enlightenment to Flexner (32 mins), The New History of the Intersection of Race in Medicine: Fast Forward to 2021 (24 mins)

Equity Matters – Module 2 – Building Safe and Courageous Spaces in Graduate Medical Education (32 mins), Federal Regulations (17 mins), Steps Leaders Can Take to Increase Diversity, Enhance Inclusion, and Achieve Equity (21 mins), Intersectionality: A Primer (20 mins)

Equity Matters – Module 3 – Patient Safety, Value and Healthcare Equity: Measurement Matters (26 mins), Using a Structured Approach to Recruit Diverse Residents, Fellows and Faculty (33 mins)

Block 2: Key Challenges in DEI and Anti-Racism

Equity Matters – Module 4 – Exposing Inequities and Operationalizing Racial Justice (22 mins), Whiteness: Power and Privilege in the Context of US Racism Part 1 (30 mins), Whiteness: Power and Privilege in the Context of US Racism Part 2 (27 mins)

Equity Matters – Module 5 – Naming Racism and Moving to Action Part 1 (47 mins), Naming Racism and Moving to Action Part 2 (24 mins)

Equity Matters – Module 6 – Women in Medicine (38 mins), Gender Disparities (27 mins), Gender Equity: Climate and Culture (32 mins), The Intersection of Racism & Gender Oppression as Root Causes of Health Inequities (36 mins)

Equity Matters – Module 7 – Sexual Minorities (34 mins), Gender Minorities (40 mins)

Block 3: Racial and Ethnic Experiences

Equity Matters – Module 8 – Black Experience in Medicine, American Indian and Alaskan Natives

Equity Matters – Module 9 – Asian, Pacific Islander, and API American Experience, Latino, Hispanic or of Spanish Origin

Block 4: Identities and Populations

Equity Matters – Module 10 -  Non-Traditional Age, Disability Inclusion and Accommodation, Language

Equity Matters – Module 11 – First-Generation & Low-Income, Geography, Immigration, Undocumented Students

Equity Matters – Module 12 – Creating an Inclusive Environment for Muslim and Sikh Trainees

Equity Matters – Module 13 – Correctional Medicine and the Justice Involved Population

Realities, Challenges, and Solutions

Recorded Webinar  - "Realities, Challenges, and Solutions", Bonnie Mason, MD provides a review of current demographic data regarding the gender and race/ethnic composition of the GME workforce as compiled by the ACGME, along with an examination of 'best practices' in diversity and inclusion at the GME level.

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