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Office of Medical Education
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Manage Your Practice & Yourself  Publishing Scholarly Articles



Twelve Qualities of a Good Teacher or Mentor  

     pdf Download PDF / Presentation, 15 Slides

Small Group Teaching & Feedback 

     pdf Download PDF / Presentation21 Slides

18 Steps to  Creating a Scholarly Environment of Inquiry

     2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF /  16 Slides



Improving the Improvement Process: 5 Dimensions of Effective Program Evaluation and Improvement

          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / Article, 5 pages

ACGME Self Study Visit

          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 12 Slides

ACGME - The PEC & the APE
          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 11 Slides

Competencies Overview 

          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 17 Slides

Important Components of a SWOT Analysis
          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 7 Slides
The New ACGME Common Program Requirements 

          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 37 Slides

Sponsoring Institution 2025 

          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 52 Slides

Implementing Milestones & Clinical Competency Committees

          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 79 Slides

Institutional Review in the Next Accreditation System 

          2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 55 Slides



Assessing Program Director Administrative and Leadership Effectiveness

          pdf Download PDF / 47 Slides

Know Who You Are, Be Who You Are, Show Who You Are: Linking Specific Aims and Program Evaluation to the Development of a Marketable Residency Brand

          pdf Download PDF / 70 Slides

Combating Burnout, Promoting Physician Well-being: Building Blocks for a Healthy Learning Environment in GME

          pdf Download PDF / 55 Slides

Leveraging the Potential of CCCs to Improve Milestone Reporting, Clinical Competence Assessment, and Promotional Decisions

           pdf Download PDF / 62 Slides



Quality Improvement in Hospital Systems
2016%205:14:35%20PM Download PDF / 46 Slides

Engaging Residents & Faculty in Rigorous, Practical Quality Improvement
2016%205:14:35%20PM Download PDF / 39 Slides

HCAHPS Scripting Improvement
     2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 12 Slides
     2016%203:06:31%20PM Download PDF / 47 Slides

Quality Improvement Program - New QI Program Webinar Recording
PDSA - How to Get Started in Healthcare Quality Improvement | July 12, 2016
     Listen to the recording | View the slide presentation | Download Worksheet1   Download Worksheet 2

Hospital Horror Story - Using Situational Awareness to Assess New Interns' Recognition of Hospital Hazards
     2016%205:14:35%20PM Download PDF / 5 Slides

Team STEPPS - Improving Patient Safety Culture to Provide Safer Care

     2016%205:14:35%20PMDownload PDF / 31 Slides


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Open School brings you essential training and tools in an online, educational community to help you and your team deliver excellent, safe care. 

How To Apply Clinical Skills To QI 

      2016%205:22:04%20PM / 8 mins. 38 secs.

What Is Health Equity & Why Does It Matter?

                 2016%205:22:04%20PM / 4 mins. 17 secs.



Active Learning Strategies for Lectures and Large Group Teaching
     Broadcast Live: 7/28/2015

          2016%203:33:23%20PM Play Video   /  1 Hour 10 Minutes; 1.4GB

Connecting Education To Care: Measurement, Assessment and Outcomes In Graduate Medical Education 

          Play Video 2016%203:33:23%20PM  Click Here2016%203:06:31%20PM

Effective Feedback, 
     Broadcast Live: 3/31/2016

          2016%203:33:23%20PM Play Video   /   1 Hour 20 Minutes; 1.58GB

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