Our clinic is involved in several clinical trials. Participating in one of these studies is a very valuable contribution to the advancement of new treatments in MS.

Investigator initiated studies:


  • Micro RNA's in CSF as predictors of cognitive impairment in MS.
    • Micro RNA's are very small ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules. Large RNA molecules transfer the information coded in the DNA into proteins. Micro RNA's regulate this process and also serve as a communication network between cells.
    • This study is looking for patients with MS with and without cognitive impairment who are willing to undergo a spinal tap. We are using special needles that cause minimal trauma and thus have reduced risk of headaches after the spinal tap.
    • We will be comparing the levels of micro RNA's to see if they differ between impaired and normal subjects.


Industry-sponsored studies:

  • There are no open industry-sponsored studies at this time



Contact information:

If you are interested in participating in any of our studies please contact us at:  msclinic@lsuhsc.edu.