Nicholas Warren Gilpin, Ph.D.

Professor of Physiology
Vice Chair of Research in Physiology
Associate Director Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center of Excellence

533 Bolivar Street, Room 609
New Orleans, LA 70112 
Phone: (504) 568-6182
Fax: (504) 568-6158


  • BA, Psychology, 05/2000, UT-Austin
  • MS, Psychology, 08/2003, Purdue University
  • PhD, Psychology, 05/2006, Purdue University

Research Interests

My lab investigates the neurobiological mechanisms underlying alcohol & drug addiction, pain, traumatic stress, and traumatic brain injury. Many projects in the lab focus on identifying the neurobiological intersection of more than one of these pathologies. We work on a variety of brain circuits and signaling systems, with a significant focus on neuropeptides and an emerging interest in endocannabinoids. We use a wide array of rodent models and a variety of behavioral, cellular, molecular, biochemical, and circuit-based techniques to test our scientific questions. In general, our goals are to understand CNS function in health and disease, and to identify ways to rescue neuropathology associated with CNS disease states.

Teaching Activities

  • Director of Human Physiology for Dental Students (DENT 1115)
  • Director & Creator of Biostatistics for Basic Science Ph.D. Students

Selected Publications

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Additional Info

Center of Excellence

Alcohol Drug Abuse & Center of Excellence (ADACE)