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Dr. Cohen-Rosenblum Takes Part in AAOS 2023 Annual Meeting on Pregnancy in Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Cohen-Rosenblum presenting at AAOS 2023


During the AAOS 2023 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, a panel of female orthopaedic surgeons led a discussion on the challenges associated with pregnancy in the orthopaedic profession. For the presentation, titled “The Pregnant Orthopaedic Surgeon: An Evidence-based Approach,” moderator Anna Cohen-Rosenblum, MD, MSc, was joined by copanelists Selina C. Poon, MD, MPH, FAAOS; Antonia F. Chen, MD, MBA, FAAOS; and Ayesha Abdeen, MD, FAAOS.

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