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Current LSU Orthopaedic Residents discussing their personal experiences with department staff, facilities and locations, early autonomy within the program, and more. Get to know these talented people and the school they call home!





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Cristina Terhoeve

Cristina Terhoeve, MD, PGY-4

My favorite rotation has been my trauma rotation at UMC as a PGY-2. It exposed me to the full range of acure orthopedic injuries.

Thomas Stang

Thomas Stang, MD, PGY-5

I am confident that because of this experience I will hit the ground running going into fellowship and beyond.

William Shelton

William Shelton, MD, Class of 2020

The clinic days are full, and surgery days require significant preparation. As residents, we indicate surgery, choose approaches, and pick implant companies.

Jestin Williams, MD

Jestin Williams, MD, PGY-2

The trauma rotation has also proved the most challenging. Because of the heavy influx of patients, you are always busy either in the operating room, seeing consults, or managing the floor.


Our Residency Program


The LSU Orthopaedic Residency provides foundational skills in all subspecialties of orthopaedic medicine. Throughout the residency program, you will develop clinical and surgical skills, learn best practices in patient care and conduct research. Tools, resources and faculty will be available, but early operating autonomy, high-volume medical centers and extensive hands-on experience are the hallmark of our distinguished program.

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