Department of Orthopaedics

Resident Spotlight

Christina Terhoeve

My favorite rotation has been my trauma rotation at UMC as a PGY-2. It exposed me to the full range of acute orthopedic injuries.
- Christina Terhoeve, MD, PGY-3

Resident Spotlight

William Shelton

I was attracted to LSU Orthopaedic Residency because this program first, and foremost, trains excellent surgeons. While many programs will claim this, our unique and frequent one-on-one resident to faculty intraoperative interaction prepares us to tackle simple and difficult cases from day 1 of residency.
- William L. Shelton, PGY-4

Resident & Student Resources

LSUHSC Wellness Committee

The goal of the LSUHSC Wellness Committee is to promote a healthy learning and working environment, building resiliency, and personal well-being among faculty, staff, residents, and students in LSUHSC School of Medicine and the Health Sciences Center.

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Campus Assistance Program

The mission of the LSUHSC Campus Assistance Program (CAP) is to support the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of students, faculty, staff, and immediate family members in order to promote the overall health and effectiveness of the LSUHSC-NO community.

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Medical Education Development Site 

The Medical Education Development Site (MEDS) is intended for use by all medical educators. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for a variety of instructors, containing everything from short didactic lectures to in-depth modules. These presentations may be used for educational events, House Officer training and for any other educational needs you may have.

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Office of Medical Education

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Research Resources