Musculoskeletal Research Committee

To connect students with the information and faculty needed to guide and maximize medical student’s time to choose, start and complete research of the highest quality

2019%202:34:54%20PM Harry Schwartzberg
Committee Chairman
2019%202:35:10%20PM John Valentino
2019%202:35:22%20PM Jacob Neary
Senior Advisor to the Chair

Faculty Leader = Dr. Vinod Dasa (

Faculty Leader = Dr. Robert Zura (

Statistician = Dr. Claudia Leonardi, PhD (

Research Coordinator = Colette Hilliard (

Medical Communications = Dr. Amy Bronstone, PhD (

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Student Resources

Step By Step Guide to Starting Research

Current Student Projects

Resident Student Research Proposal and Routing Form

Faculty Research Ideas

LSU IRB Documents to sign

EXAMPLES of Lit Review, Routing Form, and  IRB

UMC Documents to Complete and Sign

Ochsner Epic Forms

Article on How to Write a Scientific Paper

Student Research Fellowship