LSU Pain Medicine Fellowship Graduates 


Name                             Residency         Graduated                  Current Location

Casey Murphy, MD          PM&R                  June 2018    Veterans Affairs Medical Center--New Orleans, LA

Matt Neumann, MD          PM&R                 June 2018    Bone and Joint Clinic-- Baton Rouge, LA

Eric Sterne, MD                PM&R                 June 2018    Sports Medicine North--Peabody, MA

Grant Stone, DO               PM&R                 June 2018    Alabama Orthopedic Clinic--Mobile, AL


Jay Miller, MD                   PM&R                 June 2017     Veterans Affairs Medical Center--Columbia, MO   

Nicholas Madaffer, DO     PM&R                 June 2017     Veterans Affairs Medical Center--Columbia, MO   

Michael Voohries, MD      PM&R                 June 2017     Ochsner Clinic Foundation--New Orleans, LA


Diana Mekler, MD            PM&R                  June 2016      St. Louis Spine and Joint Pain Specialists--St. Louis, MO

Chad Murphy, MD            PM&R                  June 2016     Veterans Affairs Medical Center--New Orleans, LA

Adam Shomstein, DO      PM&R                  June 2016     St. Louis Spine and Joint Pain Specialists--St. Louis, MO


Susan Griffee, MD           PM&R                 June 2015    Gulf Coast Pain Institute--Pensacola, FL
Brian Koch, MD               PM&R                 June 2015    Culicchia Neurological Clinic--New Orleans, LA
Jared Rochelle, MD         PM&R                June 2015     North Oaks Hospital--Hammond, LA


Christian Clasby, MD        PM&R                 June 2014    Private Practice--New Albany, IN
Quan Le, MD                    PM&R                 June 2014    Private Practice--Arlington, TX
Joaquin Maury, MD           Neurology           June 2014    Kendall Regional Medical Center--Miami, FL


Sung Cho, MD                 PM&R                 June2013     Gordon Hospital--Calhoun, GA
Robert McMyne, MD        PM&R                 June 2013    East Jefferson General Hospital--Metairie, LA
Samir Tomajian, MD         Anesthesiology   June 2013    Memorial Hospital--Gulfport, MS


Fred Chiu, MD                  Psychiatry          June 2012    Bone & Joint Clinic--Gretna, LA
Chris Faubel, MD              PM&R                June 2012    MOI Spine Center--Sycamore, IL
Satvik Munshi, MD           PM&R                 June 2012    Louisiana Pain Specialists--New Orleans, LA


Jaimie Clodfelter, DO        PM&R                June 2011    Regional West Medical Center--Scottsbluff, NE 
Eugenio Guevera, MD       Neurology           June 2011   Palmetto General Hospital--Hialeah, FL
Sebastian Villarreal, MD    Anesthesiology   June 2011   Houston Methodist Spine Center--Houston, TX   


Geremy Sanders, MD       Anesthesiology   June 2010    Texas Interventional Pain Specialist--Austin, TX
Ronald Segura, MD          PM&R                 June 2010     Lakeview Regional Medical Center--Covington, LA
Jonathan Thompson, MD  PM&R                June 2010     Cypress Pointe Pain Management--Mandeville, LA


Troy Beaucoudray, MD     Neurology         June 2009     Spectrum Neurology Center--Metairie, LA
Brian Rosenberg, MD       PM&R               June 2009     Bone and Joint Clinic--Wausau, WI
Gina Walton, MD             PM&R                June 2009     Veterans Affairs--Nashville, TN


Marc Effron, MD               PM&R                June 2008    Bryn Mawr Hospital--King of Prussia, PA
Charles Schlosser, MD     PM&R               June 2008     Touro Infirmary--New Orleans, LA
Kavita Sharma, MD          Family Med       June 2008     Mount Sinai Beth Israel--New York, NY