Message from the Chairman

Port_Faculty_OsofoskyI have served as Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at LSUMC for the past 27 years. The Department is committed to the finest quality medical student education, post-medical school training for residents and fellows in all aspects of psychiatry: general psychiatry, infant, child and adolescent psychiatry, emergency and administrative psychiatry, and consultation liaison psychiatry. We also provide excellent graduate and post-graduate training in social work and psychology. The department provides major leadership in research spanning our field and makes important advances in the understanding of psychopharmacology and neuroscience, developmental disorders, psychodynamic psychiatry, and treatment of children and families exposed to community and family violence. It plays key roles related to transmission and treatment of HIV infection, prevention of school failure and incarceration among high risk youth and maintaining mental health in our senior citizens, to name but a few areas. Our nationally recognized Harris Infant Mental Health Center trains professionals in several states to understand and treat the most vulnerable of our children and their families during the first three years of life.

Howard J. Osofsky, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Psychiatry


Psychiatry Administrative Staff

Kristina Delaune
Business Manager
1542 Tulane Avenue, Room 229
Office 504-568-3419

Melissa Musacchia
Department Coordinator
1542 Tulane Avenue, Room 241
Office 504-568-6004

Margaret Heine
Assistant Business Manager
1542 Tulane Avenue, Room 230
Office 504-568-6003

Research Associate-Vacant




Partnerships and Affiliations

Listed below are some of the many institutions that are affiliated with the LSU Psychiatry Residency Program.

Department of Psychiatry • LSU School of Medicine
1542 Tulane Avenue, Rm. 231 • New Orleans, LA 70112
Clinic Office (BSC): 504-412-1580
University Office: 504-568-6004 • FAX: 504-568-6006

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