The Editor’s Pen

Denise Flock-Williams

Whenever people express shock at the number of years (OK, decades) I have been associated with LSU Health, I am quick to point out that while I came here for a job, I stayed because of the people. Editing The Pulse is giving me an even larger window from which to witness all of the incredible people and programs that make up the LSU School of Medicine.

Our medical students continue to make international headlines (see Stewart Humble’s story in Top Stories) and our faculty continue to be recognized locally, nationally and internationally for their work. Faculty and staff give generously of their time in so many ways to support the community, and a few Saturdays ago was no exception. Children came from all over the metropolitan area and were able to touch different organs and open their eyes to the wonders of science (see STEM Fest, also in Top Stories). With this issue, we have added a new section that highlights the many accomplishments of our residents and fellows.

I was saddened to learn that three of our legends passed away within days of each other. Bobbie Millet, Jay Rao, and Jack Strong all made a real difference in the lives of countless individuals and are very much missed.

No issue could be published without your input and I sincerely thank the departments for taking time to share your newsworthy information with me. I also want to additionally thank the other people “behind the scenes” including Darlene Guillot, Judy Crabtree, Andrew Hollenbach and Richard DiCarlo.

I hope you enjoy this edition of The Pulse. Please continue to let me know of any story or accomplishment that needs sharing. My email is