Research Facilities: Atomic, Fluorescence and Light Microscopy

The LSU Eye Center is equipped with a Nikon Eclipse E600 research microscope and a Nikon Eclipse TE300 inverted microscope, both with phase contrast objectives equipped for light and fluorescence microscopy. Both microscopes have tri-ocular ports to which are attached a Sensys digital black and white camera and a Sony 3CCD color video camera. Digital images are captured on a dedicated workstation utilizing Universal Imaging Corporation's MetaMorph software which also allows rapid image analysis and processing. This workstation is attached to the existing Gigabit network for rapid image access from any other workstation on the network. 

The LSU Eye Center also has a Veeco atomic force microscope (Nanoscopa IIIa controller with Dimension 310 O System) with two scanners, isolation chamner, warm/cold stage, temperature controller, two scan controllers, and coted cantilevers.