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Physicians & Staff

Piotr Olejniczak, MD, Center Director, Adult Epilepsy
Shannon McGuire, MD, Pediatric Epilepsy
Erich Conrad, MD, Psychiatric Consultation and Liaison Core Director
Nicole Villemarette-Pittman, PhD, Research 
Edward Mader, MD, Adult Epileptologist
Jeremy Toler, MD, Pediatric Epilepsy
Claire Sommers, EEG Technologist
Tom Miller, EEG Technologist

Children's Hospital Epilepsy Center of New Orleans

Shannon M. McGuire, MD, Center Director and Pediatric Epileptologist
Jeremy Toler, MD, Pediatric Epileptologist
Lori McBride, MD, Center Pediatric Neurosurgeon
John C. Courtney, PsyD., MP, Center Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Christopher Arcement, MD, Center Pediatric Neuroradiologist
Cherie Young, Director of Neurodiagnostics Department
Cheryl Jenning, Pediatric Epilepsy Nurse Coordinator