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Faculty Women Alliance

"Unified With A Purpose" 



LSU Health Sciences Center

Faculty Women's Alliance 


All Women Faculty Members or

Wives of Faculty Members are Invited to Participant


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**Annual LSUHSC Faculty Women's Alliance**


Night out for Dinner and Drinks   (Click Here)


To promote social and cultural interchange and to support special needs of the LSU (Medical Center) Health Sciences Center through contributions.
 Kelly Trail Zea
President, LSUHSC Faculty Women's Alliance
These faculty activities have been posted at the request of  our colleagues or affiliates because they were considered to be of potential interest to the SOM general faculty. These activities do not necessarily represent “officially” sponsored LSUHSC activities. However, we are hopeful that this web page will help build a greater sense of community and remind us of how wide-ranging the faculty interests and service activities are.  JL