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Diptasri Mandal, PhD

Associate Professor of Genetics

533 Bolivar Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 568- 6156
Fax: (504) 568-8500

Familial Lung Cancer Study
Genetic Studies of Prostate Cancer
African American Family Study
General Population Family Study


BSc Zoology - 1984
Calcutta University, Calcutta, India

MSc Zoology with specialization in Entomology - 1986
Burdwan University, Burdwan, India

MS Biology - 1991
University of Louisiana, Monroe, LA

PhD Human Genetics, Biometry minor - 1996
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center



Dr. Diptasri M. Mandal is an Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. She received her PhD. in Human Genetics from the Department of Biometry and Genetics at LSU Health Sciences Center in 1996. She joined the Department of Medicine in 1997, and in June 2000 moved to the Department of Genetics.

The major focus of her research is genetic studies of complex human traits and diseases, especially cancer. Studies are underway to identify disease susceptible loci for hereditary prostate cancer and lung cancer using linkage and association analyses. She has ongoing collaborations to identify disease susceptible loci of endometriosis in Puerto Rico.

Her research also includes methodological studies of genetic analysis of complex traits using computer simulations to evaluate the performance of various linkage methods under realistic situations.
Research Interests
  • Genetic studies of complex traits/diseases such as prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and endometriosis
  • Statistical genetic analysis methods through computer simulation
Teaching Activities Genetic Epidemiology
Population Genetics
Selected Publications

C.I. Amos, S.M. Pinney, Y. Li, E. Kupert, J. Lee, M.A. de Andrade, P. Yang, A.G. Schwartz, P.R. Fain, A. Gazdar, J. Minna, J.S. Wiest, D. Zeng, H. Rothschild, D. M. Mandal, M. You, T. Coons, C. Gaba, J.E. Bailey-Wilson, M.W. Anderson. A susceptibility locus on chromosome 6q greatly increases lung cancer risk among light and never smokers. Cancer Research. 2010. 70:2359-67.

M. You, D. Wang, P. Liu, H. Vikis, M. James, Y. Lu, Y. Wang, M. Wang, D. Jia, Y. Liu, L.J. Bierut, P. Yang, Z. Sun, Y. Wu, W. Zheng, X. Shu, J. Long, Y. Gao, Y. Xiang, W. Chow, N. Rothman, S.M. Pinney, G.M. Petersen, M. de Andrade, J.S. Wiest, P.R. Fain, A.G. Schwartz, A. Gazdar, C. Gaba, H. Rothschild, D. M. Mandal , J. Lee, E. Kupert, D. Seminara, J. Minna, J.E. Bailey-Wilson, C. I. Amos, and M.W. Anderson. RGS17 is a candidate for the lung cancer susceptibility locus on chromosome 6q23-25. Clinical Cancer Research.2009. 15:2666-74.

D. M. Mandal, O. Sartor, S.L. Halton, D.E. Mercante, J.E. Bailey-Wilson, W. Rayford. Identification of Prostate Cancer Cases in Louisiana and a Comparison of Prostate Cancer Specific Clinical Data on African-American and Caucasian Males with and without Family History. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases. 2008. 11:274-279. 

D. M. Mandal, A.J.M. Sorant, L.D. Atwood, A.F. Wilson, J.E. Bailey-Wilson. Allele Frequency Misspecification: Effect on Power and Type I Error of Model-dependent Linkage Analysis of Quantitative Traits under Random Ascertainment. BMC Genetics. 2006. 7:21.

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