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2019 Summer Research Internship Program Poster Day 
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Pilot Research Funding Announcement
Application Deadline: March 1, 2019
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Dr. Fern Tsien honored as a Top Female Achiever by the New Orleans Magazine.

Each year New Orleans magazine profiles a selection of extraordinary women from across our community that continue to make a difference. Dr. Tsien was honored for her science education and community outreach efforts. 

Drs. Gregory and Tsien receive commendation for Cancer Health Disparities program (SPIRIT)

Genetics faculty received a Commendation by the Louisiana House of Representatives, sponsored by Rep. Julie Stokes for the “Southeast Partnership for Improving Research and Training (SPIRIT)” in cancer health disparities and the partnership’s receipt of a National Institutes of Health (NIH P20) Exploratory Center Grant.


Genetics Dept. STEM Programs honored

The Louisiana Senate approved a Resolution for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) specifically to increase diversity. This resolution was sponsored by Senator Sharon Hewitt and was awarded to Dr. Paula Gregory, and Dr. Fern Tsien for the  New Orleans Schools Partnership Program, Summer Science Program, Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), and the Summer Research Internship Program



The Louisiana Genetics and Hereditary Health Care Education Center 

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Genetics Educational Videos

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  • Forensics
  • Down Syndrome
  • The Cell

Educational Videos

Videos sponsored by a grant from the Patrick F. Taylor Foundation to Dr. Fern Tsien.

Genomics Core

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Bioinformatics and Genomics Program


Bioinformatics Grand Opening
March 1, 2019 from 10 am to 12 pm
CSRB 752

  Welcome to the Department of Genetics
   LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, Louisiana


(First Row: Left to Right) Dr. Judy Crabtree, Dr. Fern Tsien, Dr. Lucio Miele, Dr. Diptasri Mandal, Dr. Paula Gregory
(Second Row Left to Right) Dr. Bolin Liu, Dr. Yefei Wen, Dr. Hui Lyu, Dr. Maria Sanchez-Pino, Dr. Chindo Hicks, Alix D'Angelo, MGC, Dr. Michael Lan, Dr. Yaguang Xi
 (Third Row Left to Right) Dr. Zhipin Liang, Dr. Qiang Shen, Dr. Samarpan Majumder, Dr. Andrew Hollenbach, Dr. Edward Grabczyk, Dr. Bin Yi

Welcome to the Department of Genetics. Perhaps more than any other biomedical discipline, genetics has been profoundly transformed by the scientific and technological progress made over the past 30 years. A discipline that began as the study of inheritable traits long before we understood the nature of genes has evolved into the study of genomes and their regulation. Modern genetics has been made possible by parallel revolutions in high-throughput nucleic acid technology (chip-based hybridization, next-generation sequencing) and computational sciences (bioinformatics, biomedical informatics). The National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health describes five domains of genomics research:  understanding the structure of genomes, understanding the biology of genomes, understanding the biology of disease, advancing the science of medicine, and improving the effectiveness of healthcare.  For the first time in history, we have gained the ability to gather vast amounts of genomic and epigenomic data and explore their correlations with human health. This scientific progress is beginning to bear fruits in medicine and public health. Molecular mechanisms of genetic disorders are being elucidated and disease-related genes are being identified at an unprecedented pace. Precision medicine uses genomic and epigenomic tools to predict individual differences in drug disposition (pharmacogenomics), and to personalize treatment by selecting the safest and most effective agents. We are on the threshold of a scientific and technological revolution in medicine, driven by genetics and genomics. LSUHSC is committed to achieving national excellence in genomics and precision medicine research. Department of Genetics faculty members are dedicated to spearheading this effort through our research and to disseminating state-of-the-art knowledge through our teaching programs for LSUHSC students, residents and fellows and our outreach activities in the community.

Our vision: A modern Department of Genetics provides a comprehensive research, clinical and didactic platform for an Academic Medical Center, using state-of-the art approaches that include basic research on genetic mechanisms of disease, genomics-based precision medicine, bio-informatics and population genomics.

Our mission: To contribute to the growth of the LSU Health Sciences Center and its affiliates through excellence in all academic missions; To drive innovation in research, didactics, clinical service and faculty development; To collaborate with other Departments and Centers, sister institutions and  the private sector through clinical research on precision medicine as well as the development of novel genetics and bio-informatics methodologies; To serve our community through outreach and education on the evolving role of genetics in medicine and public health. 

Lucio Miele, M.D., Ph.D
Professor and Chairman, Department of Genetics
Director for Inter-Institutional Programs, Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center