Welcome to the Section of Community and Population Medicine in the Department of Medicine of LSU School of Medicine.  Our Section aims to improve the health of communities and populations through innovation and collaborative partnerships in research, education, clinical work, and community service. 

Research in the Section adheres to the principles of Community Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR)1-3. CPPR emphasizes equity, transparency, and community representation co-leadership in all phases of research. Our partnered research to date has sought to develop interventions that improve health outcomes and resilience while addressing adverse risk factors in under-resourced communities and among populations facing physical or  behavioral health and healthcare inequities



  • Tivonsheia Broussard, MPA - Department Coordinator
  • Paul Matthew Gement, MFIN - Assistant Business Manager
  • Jill Hancock, MPH - Research Coordinator, C-LEARN
  • Isha Matta, MPH - Program Manager, Education
  • Miranda Pollock, MPH - Project Coordinator, RADD
  • Olivia K. Sugarman, MPH - Program Manager, Research and Evaluation



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3. http://communitypartnersincare.org/community-partnered-participatory-research-cppr/ (2017)