School of Medicine

Community and Population Medicine

MD/MPH Program

Make an impact as a physician improving the public’s health – and start on an exciting and meaningful career path – with the LSU 4-year MD/MPH (Master of Public Health) Dual Degree Program. The program integrates curricula in the School of Medicine and School of Public Health to prepare medical students as excellent clinicians who can improve public health through application of knowledge and skills from one of four public health disciplines.

4-Year MD/MPH Program students at LSU benefit from dynamic courses, diverse field placements, and outstanding faculty from across the Health Sciences Center – providing them with advanced foundations in the disciplines of clinical medicine and public health improvement – and allowing them to pursue individual interests while they develop critical skills for healthcare in the 21st century. The MD/MPH program provides students with the analytical tools to define, evaluate and solve emerging health and health care problems.

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