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The Section’s research efforts involve both clinical and basic laboratory investigations. In particular, the section’s faculty are involved in studies primarily addressing diabetes mellitus, a disease affecting more than seventeen million Americans and whose numbers are increasing in all races and in all socio-economic classes. Individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus have rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) that may be two to four times higher than non-diabetic populations of similar demographic characteristics.

Given the increased prevalence of obesity in the United States, addressing the needs of the individual with Type 2 diabetes remains a major public health focus and is a major research focus of our section. In addition, it is recognized that within minority groups, there are unique issues which will need to be addressed. With the growing prevalence of obesity in the United States, cardiovascular disease associated with type 2 diabetes is expected to become an even greater public health challenge in the coming decades.


A collaborative relationship exists between the LSU Section of Endocrinology and Pennington Biomedical Research Center.