As one of the largest ophthalmology residencies in the United States, the LSU ophthalmology residency has many strengths including exposure to a wide variety and severity of ophthalmic pathology, multiple subspecialists in all fields providing varying approaches to diagnosis and treatment and an ideal combination of  supervision and autonomy. Residents obtain the training and expertise to be skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases upon graduation, whether or not they chose to continue onto fellowship training.

Program Director: Maria Reinoso, MD
Associate Program Director: Christine Connolly, MD

Clinical Teaching Faculty who residents work directly with for extended amounts of time:

Cataract and Comprehensive

  • Bruce Barron, MD (UMCNO)
  • Maria Bernal, MD (LSUHCN, UMCNO)
  • Julie Kumata Boehm, MD (NOLA VA)
  • Lucy Bourne, MD (OLOL)
  • Christine Connolly, MD (LSUHCN, OLOA, UMCNO)
  • Victor Carriere, MD (NOLA VA)
  • Josh Groetsch, MD (Chabert)
  • Fred Hall, MD (UHC)
  • Patrick Keating, MD (UHC)
  • Ricardo Leoni II, MD (UHC)
  • Angela R. Lewis, MD (UHC)
  • Rebecca Metzinger, MD (VA)
  • Michael Morgan, MD (OLOL)
  • Virgil Murray, MD (UHC)
  • An Nguyen, MD (OLOA)
  • Shalimar Small, MD (OLOL)
  • Abram Dulaney Tipton IV, MD (Chabert)
  • Seema Walia, MD (Chabert)
  • Jayne S. Weiss, MD (LSUHCN, OLOA, OLOL, UMCNO, UHC)
  • Jeremy Wood, MD (OLOL)


  • Paul Azar, MD (UHC)
  • Bruce Barron, MD (UMCNO)
  • Maria Bernal, MD (LSUHCN, UMCNO)
  • Tom Heigle, MD (OLOL)
  • Ginny Kullman, MD (Chabert, Ochsner)
  • Ricardo Leoni II, MD (UHC)
  • Rebecca Metzinger, MD (NOLA VA)
  • Eric Schmidt, MD (NOLA VA)
  • Jody Simon, MD (NOLA VA)
  • Pulin Shah, MD (Ochsner)
  • Jayne S. Weiss, MD (LSUHCN, OLOA, OLOL, UMCNO, UHC)


  • Lena Al-Dujaili, MD (LSUHCN, UMCNO)
  • Katherine Loftfield, MD (Ochsner)
  • Jonathan Nussdorf, MD (Ochsner)



  • Kevin Kirchner, MD (LSUHCN, OLOL, OLOA)
  • Andrew Lawton, MD (Ochsner)

Ocular Pathology

  • Bruce Barron, MD (LSU)
  • Sonya Bamba, MD (Cook County, Chicago)
  • Lucy Borne, MD (LSU)
  • Jayne S. Weiss, MD (LSU)

Ocular Oncology

  • Adham Al Hariri, MD (Chabert)


Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Adham Al Hariri, MD (Chabert)
  • Kevin Kirchner, MD (LSUHCN, OLOL, OLOA)
  • Austin Pharo, MD (LSUHCN, OLOA, UMCNO, UHC)
  • Priya Sahu, MD (Ochsner)


Optometry, Contact Lenses and Low Vision

  • Anh Ta, OD (UMNCO)

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

  • George S. Ellis, Jr., MD (NOLA Children’s)
  • H. Sprague Eustis, MD (NOLA Children’s, Ochsner)
  • Rachel Fuerst, MD (Ochsner)
  • Alejandro Leon, MD (NOLA Children’s)

Refractive Surgery

  • Rebecca Metzinger, MD (NOLA VA)
  • Jeffrey Singer, MD
  • Pulin Shah, MD (Ochsner)
  • Jayne S. Weiss, MD (LSUHCN, OLOA, OLOL, UMCNO)


  • Maria Bernal, MD (LSUHCN)

Vitreoretinal Surgery

  • Joseph Benevento, MD (Chabert, Ochsner)
  • Robert Blem, MD (UHC)
  • Mallika Doss (UMCNO, LSUHCN, OLOA, OLOL)
  • Jamie Hatcher, MD (OLOL)
  • Arley Jaramillo, MD (NOLA VA)
  • D. Anthony Mazzulla, MD (Chabert, Ochsner)
  • Aravinda Rao, MD  (UMCNO and OLOL)
  • Maria Reinoso, MD (LSUHCN, OLOA and UMCNO)