School of Medicine

Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program


Interview Experience 


In order to promote equity and fairness, fellowship interviews will continue to be held remotely via ZOOM platform.  Your interview day will start off by meeting with our fellowship coordinator, Hanh Rimmer, to introduce yourselves and work out any technical issues. You will then be greeted by our Fellowship Program Director and Associate Program Director who will guide you through an overview of our program and the Heart Center at the Children's Hospital of New Orleans.  This will be followed by individual meetings with several of our faculty as well as a group meeting with our current fellows who will provide a virtual tour of the hospital and clinics.   

Interviews are structured to take approximately 3-4 hours and will be offered as either morning or afternoon sessions.


How to Apply:  

1.  Positions are offered only through the National Resident Matching Program: NRMP
2.  All applications must be submitted through the Electronic Residency Application Service: ERAS
3.  The following materials are required for a completed application:

professional meeting