School of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

Salaries and Benefits



Fellows are paid an annual salary based on the LSU Health Sciences Center Health Care Services Division (HCSD) payscale effective July 1 of each year. The annual salary for fellows is currently $66,635 (July 2023).

Fellows receive pay-checks on a bi-weekly basis. Fellows are required to contribute to either Social Security or the approved alternative, Deferred Compensation. Deferred Compensation is a plan for tax-deferred savings and investment. This plan allows you to contribute 7.5% of your gross earnings to one of several investment choices offered by the plan administrator, Great West Life. A unique feature of Deferred Compensation is the availability of your funds without penalties. At termination of service with LSU, you will have the opportunity to withdraw your contributions and earnings without any tax penalties. You must pay applicable Federal and State taxes on the withdrawn funds. The funds may also be left on deposit with the plan where they will continue to be invested on a tax-deferred basis.


Fellows receive 28 days (including weekends) of non-cumulative vacation leave per year. They are also entitled to 14 days (including weekends) of non-cumulative paid sick leave. Paid maternity leave utilizes available vacation leave plus sick leave for a total of up to six weeks.


Medical malpractice coverage is provided by state statute to house officers for clinical work done for or on behalf of the LSU Board of Supervisors. As a State agency, we have the benefit of legal assistance from the Office of Risk Management and the Attorney General's Office.


Beepers and lab coats are provided.