Jawed Alam, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor, Biochemistry
Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Ochsner

New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 842-3314

Clinical Interests

Molecular genetics

Selected Publications

Cook JL, Re R, Alam J, Hart M, Zhang Z, Intracellular angiotensin II fusion protein alters AT1 receptor fusion protein distribution and activates CREB, J Mol Cell Cardiol 36(1):75-90, 2004 Jan.

Frigo DE, Tang Y, Beckman BS, Scandurro AB, Alam J, Burow ME, McLachlan JA, Mechanism of AP-1-mediated gene expression by select organochlorines through the p38 MAPK pathway, Carcinogenesis 25(2):249-61, 2004 Feb.

Alam JJ, Apoptosis: target for novel drugs, Trends Biotechnol 21(11):479-83, 2003 Nov.

Alam J, Cook JL, Transcriptional regulation of the heme oxygenase-1 gene via the stress response element pathway, Curr Pharm Des 9(30):2499-511. Review, 2003.

Figueroa YG, Chan AK, Ibrahim R, Tang Y, Burow ME, Alam J, Scandurro AB, Beckman BS, NF-kappaB plays a key role in hypoxia-inducible factor-1-regulated erythropoietin gene expression, Exp Hematol 30(12):1419-27, 2002 Dec.