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Congratulations to our 2024 Graudates Students - Micquel Downs (PhD), Oygul Mirzalieva (MD/PhD) and Mousa Vatanmakanian (PhD), you did it!! 

Congratulating Oygul (Mentor: Dr. Desai)

Congratulations to Jarrod Harmon and Meredith Juncker, you did it!

Two graduate students from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology received their degrees at the Pre-commencement Ceremony held May 10, 2021. Jarrod's thesis title is: Adaptive Epigenetics for Retinal Protection:  Effects of Sex and Strain on Resting, Injured, and Injury-Resilient Phenotypes. Meredith's thesis title is: ISG15 Attenuates Mitophagy in Ataxia Telangiectasia.

Congratulations to Jeff Gidday, PhD, and Shyamal Desai, PhD, the mentors for Drs. Harmon and Juncker respectively.


2021 9:35:30 AM

(Drs. Jeff Gidday, Jarrod Harmon, Shyamal Desai, Meredith Juncker, Hari Koul)

2021 9:38:04 AM

(Drs. Hari Koul, Meredith Juncker, Jarrod Harmon, Shyamal Desai)

2021 9:38:41 AM

(Drs. Hari Koul, Meredith Juncker, Shyamal Desai)


Dr. Desai DOD Award

LSU Health New Orleans Study Discovers Source of Zika Neurodevelopmental Defects

Dr. Hari K Koul, PhD to present “9th  Prof. R.Nath Memorial Oration”

Dr. Hari K Koul, MSc, PhD, FACN, FASN, to serve as Chairperson for the Review of O'Brien Urology Cooperative Research Centers (U54)

$1M Grant Funds Research on Potential New Rx for Prostate Cancer

Congratulations to Hassan Yousefi for passing his Preliminary Exam on 1/29/21

LSU Health Awarded $2.5M Grant to Reduce Stroke Risk for Obese Women on Contraceptives

LSU Health's Alahari Named 2020 AAAS Fellow

Biochemistry Summer Interns Receive Awards

Wojcik Lab Top 10% Most Cited Article

LSU Health New Orleans Spin-Out Company Awarded SBIR Grant

Study Shows Biomarker Accurately Diagnoses Deadly Infant Disease

Dr. Chatterjee Wins Prestigious Award From the American Society of Hematology

Dr. Alahari Metformin Discovery

Biochemistry/Pediatrics Collaborative Addressing Necrotizing Entercolitis

Alahari Nischarin Discovery

Alahari Nischarin Discovery, 2018

Undergraduate Student In Majumder Lab Wins Award

Majumder Lab Published in "Blood" Journal

Research Identifies New Breast Cancer Therapeutic Target

Sunyoung Kim Invited to Global Entrepreneurship Summit

LSU Reserachers Make Discovery with Potential to Cure Obesity, Diabetes

Alahari Featured in Journal of Biological Chemistry

Desai Lab LIFT2 Grant Award

Sunyoung Kim Featured In Biz The Magazine

Sunyoung Kim Featured on NPR Out To Lunch

Most Cited Journal Article: Molecular Cancer

Prestigious NSF I-Corps Award