Sunyoung Kim, PhD


Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
1901 Perdido St., Box P7-2
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: 504.568.2019
Lab Phone: 504.568.5571



Sunyoung Kim conducted her PhD work at the University of Michigan and the University of Padova (Italy) and her postdoctoral studies at the University of Minnesota.  She is a member of the Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium and founder of a spin-out company to personalize medicine with protein and structural biomarkers.  She leads a collaborative, multilab nanomotor research program.  An editorial board member of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, she has published more than 28 papers.  In addition, she has performed a variety of administrative roles at the departmental, institutional, and state levels, as well as held elected positions for national scientific societies.

Research Interests

Motor proteins

  • anticancer therapies
  • screening for candidate drugs for infectious diseases
  • design principles of kinesin nanomotors
  • ATP hydrolysis

Gastrointestinal disease in pre-term infants

Selected Publications

A SATe-generated phylogenetic tree of 726 kinesin sequences.  Generated from Interactive Tree of Life and downloadable from http://itol.embl.de/shared/SunyoungKimLab, this file allows the reader to enlarge individual clades or branches of interest and examine the individual sequence annotations.

J Richard, ED Kim, H Nyugen, CD Kim, and S Kim. Allostery wiring diagram for kinesin energy transduction and its evolution. Journal of Biological Chemistry 291, 20932-20945

WC Van Voorhis et al.  Open-source drug discovery with the Malaria Box compound collection for neglected diseases and beyond. PLoS Pathogen 12: e1005763 DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005763

L Liu, J Richard, S Kim, and EJ Wojcik. Small-molecule screen for candidate antimalarials targeting Plasmodium Kinesin-5. Journal of Biological Chemistry 289, 16601-16614

EJ Wojcik, R Buckley, J Richard, TM Huckaba, and S Kim. Kinesin-5: cross-bridging mechanism to targeted clinical therapy. Gene 531, 133-149 (invited review by the journal editorial board)

L Liu, S Parameswaran, J Liu, S Kim, and EJ Wojcik. Loop 5-directed compounds inhibit chimeric Kinesin-5 motors: implications for conserved allosteric mechanisms. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286, 6201-6210

ED Kim, RS Buckley, SS Learman, J Richard, C Parke, DK Worthylake, EJ Wojcik, R Walker, and S Kim. Allosteric drug discrimination is coupled to mechanochemical changes in the Kinesin-5 motor core.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 285, 18650-18661

B Jun and S Kim.  Real-time conformational transitions are coupled to chemical steps in ATP hydrolysis by human Kinesin-5.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 285, 11073-11077

C Parke, EJ Wojcik, S Kim, and DK Worthylake. ATP hydrolysis in Eg5 kinesin involves a catalytic two-water mechanism.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 285, 5859-5867 [JBC paper of the week, citation by Faculty of 1000 Biology as a ‘must read’ paper]

SS Learman, CD Kim, N Stevens, S Kim, EJ Wojcik, R Walker.  NSC 622124 inhibits human Eg5 and other kinesins via binding to the conserved microtubule-binding site.  Biochemistry 48, 1754-1762

EJ Wojcik, NA Dalrymple, SA Alford, R Walker, and S Kim. Disparity in allosteric interactions of monastrol with Eg5 in the presence of ADP and ATP: a FT-IR investigation.  Biochemistry 43, 9939-9949

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