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Bioinformatics and Data Science Program

MS Biomedical Sciences-Bioinformatics Track

Louisiana State University Health Sciences School of Graduate Studies (LSUHSC-SOGS) in New Orleans has launched two (2) year 35-40 credit hour MS Biomedical Sciences-Bioinformatics Track degree program starting fall semester 2021. The overarching goal of the MS Biomedical Sciences - Bioinformatics Track Program is to train and equip the next generation scientists and biomedical professionals for careers pathways in bioinformatics and computational genomics


Program Overview

There has been much progress in genome sciences since a draft sequence of the human genome was published. Advances in next generation sequencing are revolutionalizing research and discoveries in biomedical and life sciences. With these advances, opportunities for understanding health and disease are now unprecedented, as massive amounts of omics data are harnessed to obtain robust foundational knowledge about the structure and function of the human genome and about the genetic contributions to human health and disease. The major bottleneck in genome sequencing and use of this technology to improve human health is no longer data generation—the computational challenges around data analysis, display and integration with other biological and clinical information and continually transforming it into liquidity and knowledge to improve human health are now rate limiting. The MS Biomedical Sciences-Bioinformatics Track addresses this critical need by training student and equipping them with skills for career pathways in bioinformatics, computational genomics and data sciences. Students enrolled in this program will learn how to apply cutting edge technologies such as genetic algorithms, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies to analysis and integration of complex data to address biomedical and life sciences questions. Individuals in this program will also explore current issues and gain practical skills through courses in both bioinformatics, computational genomics, genetics, computer programming, biostatistics, designed projects and interactions with captains of biotech, academic, pharmaceutical and other related industries. Whether you already work in the bioinformatics, health/Life sciences or other fields, you're looking to propel your career forward, or you're looking to change careers, this master's program will prepare you for a range of roles in this dynamic and growing profession. This advanced career focused degree can take you to organizations in multiple sectors, including but not limited to: biomedicine, precision medicine, biotech, pharmaceutical, biomanufacturing, bioengineering etc. The MS in Bioinformatics degree also serves as a foundation for medical school. Additional information about the program is available at LSUHSC's Bioinformatics and Data Science (BIG) Program website:


How to apply

Individuals interested in this program can apply through the LSUHealth School of Graduate Studies website using GradCAS at



Please contact Dr. Chindo Hicks, Professor and Program Director 504-568-2657 or