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NEW!    Wound Offloading Educational Videos:  This three part video series demonstrates simple offloading techniques for healing neuropathic plantar wounds in patients with diabetes:

1. Making a Toe Crest Pad  (4:30 min.)

2. OrthoWedge Modification  (8:00 min.)

3. Use of the Adhesive Felt Pad  (11:00 min.)


A DVD containing these three video presentations in full screen quality is available for purchase. Download the ordering form, or contact for additional information.


Level I LEAP Training:  consists of a 1 day seminar with a foot screening practice lab. Participants who complete the training receive Level I LEAP Certification and continuing education credits. See Level I seminar schedule below. Click for sample program.


Level II Leap Training:  consists of a one week practicum at the LSUHSC Diabetes Foot Program in Baton Rouge, LA with supervised practice in callous, skin and nail care. Participants who complete the program check-list receive Level II LEAP Certification. Level II is limited to Registered Nurses, Therapist, Nurse Practitioners and Physician's Assistants who are employees of the Louisiana State Hospital System. See sample Level II check-off list.


Level III Leap Training:  consists of seminars, practice labs and supervised practicum in management of the diabetic foot.  Practice labs will teach skills in specific management techniques (such as casting, orthotic fabrication and shoe modifications). The practicum is aimed at developing fluency in the discipline appropriate use of the Algorithm. Open to Podiatrists, Physicians, Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician's Assistants, E.T. nurses and Certified Wound Care Specialists.


Observational Visitors: consists of observation of patient care (no hands-on) and interaction with staff. Experience can be customized to meet the need of the participant. Open to all.


2008 LEAP Level I & III Seminar Schedule:

Jackson, MS

Ask Med, Inc.
Margrett Davis, RN, MPH, CDFS  (brochure)

To be scheduled

Hammond, LA

Southeastern Louisiana University

Hammond LA - LEAP Level I
Myra Varnado: 

Seminar Brochure and Registration

April 3 2008

Hammond, LA

Southeastern Louisiana University

Hammond LA - LEAP Level III

Alternative Off-loading
Myra Varnado: 

Seminar Brochure and Registration

April 4 2008