Obesity Weight Loss and Management Bariatric Clinic (OWL MBA Clinic)

The Obesity Weight Loss and Management BAriatric clinic (OWL MBA Clinic) is a multidisciplinary co-operative initiative run through the Lord and Taylor Building's outpatient clinic facility here on the LSUHSC New Orleans Campus.

The program involves clinical staffing from the Endocrine division of the Department of Medicine, food and nutrition services, clinical psychiatry, and the bariatric section of the Department of Surgery. In addition, the clinic has dedicated nursing and nurse assistant staffing with projected involvement of the Department of Social Work for ongoing ambulatory coordination of care and optimization of weight management efforts among the program participants.  The Department of Pharmacy will provide ongoing surveillance and consultation services to ensure appropriate medication choices for the management of coexisting co-morbidities among program participants and safe use of pharmaceutical weight loss adjuncts as part of the comprehensive management program.

Information for Interested Patients
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The OWL MBA Clinic is currently accepting new patients. 

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