Case Conference

The fellows present clinical cases as part of Case Conference, which is scheduled weekly.  Fellows select cases seen in either the inpatient or outpatient setting in which they have identified a salient clinical question or questions regarding diagnosis or management. The fellow then performs a literature search to find the best evidence to answer the question(s) posed. At the case conference, the fellow presents the case and a distillation of their literature search to the Endocrine faculty, fellows, staff, and Internal Medicine residents and students who are rotating on the Endocrine service at the time. PowerPoint (or similar) presentations are encouraged, and fellows lead group discussions of evidence-based recommendations. They receive input from faculty, other fellow(s), residents, students, and other attendees. The fellows have the opportunity to reflect upon this discussion and apply their findings directly to the management of their patient. The fellows present brief updates during later conferences as warranted.



Journal Club

Fellows are assigned articles to present at Journal Club. The fellow reviews the pertinent background, critiques the study design, analyzes the statistical methods, summarizes the results, and provides a critical review of the article. The fellow leads a discussion of the article and its implications. The fellows review the literature and include other articles that are germane to the discussion.