Clinical Research

The section is heavily involved in many clinical trials evaluating type 2 diabetes and its related complications. In this regard, we have trials that evaluate patients who are considered very early in the disease process, i.e. ‘pre-diabetic’ for which lifestyle and nutritional intervention is being evaluated. In addition, the section has trials that are evaluating individuals who have had diabetes and are currently on either monotherapy with a single agent, combination therapy with several oral agents or on insulin therapy. The section is also conducting studies with the goal of evaluating how diabetes presents in a minority population in the New Orleans area, i.e. Vietnamese.

Become a clinical trial participant
Subjects who participate in clinical trials may be provided compensation and will benefit from general knowledge regarding their condition. Currently, the Endocrine Clinical Research program is enrolling participants a number of its studies.  We are seeking patients for our clinical trials who have Type I or Type 2 diabetes controlled with medication or diet.  Our current clinical trials includ:

  • JNJ 3002: Seeking patients with uncontrolled diabetes who are taking Metformin and another diabeteic medication
  • Lilly: Seeking patients with uncontrolled diabetes who are taking Metformin and another medication
  • NOVNA: Seeking Vietnamese patients with diabetes
  • Cascade: Seeking patients with diabetes and cardiac risk who are taking diabetes medication(s)
  • Trial Net: Seeking patients who have a relative with Type I diabetes
  • Mannkind171: Seeking patients with a clinical diagnosis of Type I diabetes who where diagnosed more than 12 months ago, are non smokers, and have a BMI of less than or equal to 38 kg/m2
  • Rewind: Seeking Type II diabetes patients
  • Mankind 175: Seeking Type II diabetes patients currently receiving only Metformin or two or more OADs on stable doses
  • Amgen: Seeking Type II diabetes patients currently taking Metformin
  • Merck: Seeking Type II diabetes patients between the ages of 18 and 79

If you are interested in participating in an Endocrine Section clinical trial,
please submit your contact information here