Resident Training

Endocrinology didactics are given to the Medicine residents as part of their regular lecture series. On the Endocrinology Consult Service, clinical knowledge is the main focus of education. Residents at all levels participate in both clinics and hospital consultations. They see follow-ups and new patients. All patient encounters are supervised by endocrine faculty in a manner commensurate with the resident's experience and ability. Expectations increase in graded steps as the resident exhibits increasing abilities.

The main clinic in which all residents participate is the General Endocrinology Clinic. It is a public clinic, and as such, a wide variety of disorders and severity of disease states are seen. All areas of endocrinology are represented. Categorical medicine residents also have their own continuity clinic for patients with diabetes.

Residents may elect to participate in private clinics of the Faculty Group Practice, but this is not required.

Consultations occur at the Interim LSU Hospital. Residents are expected to see all consults. They review the cases with the students and/or fellows. During rounds, students present the cases and discuss them. After the student presentation, the resident briefly summarizes the case and discusses treatment options, further testing requirements, optimal follow-up, and outcome expectations.

To help the Section of Endocrinology assess its teaching effectiveness, residents complete a short quiz at the beginning and the end of the rotation.