Annual Review and Reporting

Annual review is undertaken for all full-time faculty members, including those with administrative responsibility within the School of Medicine. The annual review instrument is submitted by the faculty member to his/her direct supervisor. An up-dated version of the faculty member’s Curriculum Vitae is also submitted. A recommended standard format for the Curriculum Vitae is available below.

Instructions for Faculty Annual Review
(MS Word | PDF)

Curriculum Vitae Standard Format
(MS Word | PDF)

Faculty Annual Review Form
(MS Word | PDF)

ARPIF (alternative Annual Review Form) (MS Word)

Administrative Annual Review Form
(MS Word | PDF)

         Annual Report and Planning Instructions for Department/Division/Center

         Teaching/Division/Center Teaching Activities Worksheet  (MS Word)

         SOM Leadership Evaluation Supplemental Rating Form  (PDF)

        Faculty Evaluation Supplemental Rating Form (PDF)