School of Medicine

Office of Faculty & Institutional Affairs

Mentoring Program for Faculty


The goal of the Mentoring Program is to support the academic success and advancement of School of Medicine faculty. Applications are encouraged for participation in either the clinical science or basic science programs. Mentees who apply to the program are introduced by the committee to up to three faculty mentors who are chosen following review of the submitted application and CV. The committee selects mentors based on the mentees outlined needs and goals, with consideration of alignment with mentors’ areas of expertise. Through meetings with the mentee, the mentor will offer guidance on general and specific areas for professional and career development. The committee recommends a minimum of bi-annual meetings between mentees and mentors, with actual meeting frequency and cadence individualized to meet the needs and scheduling considerations of the mentees and mentors.  The committee requests feedback from mentees and mentors yearly to explore the effectiveness of the program in meeting the needs of the mentee.  If you are interested in participating in this program as a mentor or a mentee, contact Dr. Amy Creel or Dr. Michelle Moore, co-chairs of the Mentoring Program.