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Class of 2023: James Baker, Madalyn Beyer, Rachel Landrum, Brock Williams, David Szarvas, Shakira Harding

Class of 2022: Joe Goddu, Stephen Igwe, KirbyAnne Plessala, Rob Quiring, Leon Sanders III

Class of 2021: Alexandra Cote, Mary Gabriel, Timothy Montet, Zachary Richard, Ashley Roy

Class of 2020: Seth Guilbeau, Walter Guillory III, Abigail Hagen, Joel Oubre, Mary Sauce, Ryan Wolfe

Class of 2019: Cody Blackwelder, Tucker Doiron, Gabriel Fuselier, Rachel Kopkin, Max Musharoff

Class of 2018: Kyle Hoppens, Mae Igi, Casie James, John Miller, Victoria Serven

Class of 2017: James Connick, Julie Cronan, Katie Melder, Thomas Steele, Jon Wall

Class of 2016: Spandu Induru, Serena Murphy, Jake Quinton, Abhita Reddy, Jon Smart

The GHHS Student of the Semester Program endeavors to highlight the outstanding humanistic qualities and accomplishments of members of the School of Medicine. Each semester, nominations are submitted and are voted on by GHHS members and faculty advisors (blind voting, names not included in descriptions). Keep checking in for more amazing stories of medical students with hearts of gold!



Residents & Students of the Semester Spring 2020!!!


L1 - Ada Tusa & Claire Bise

L2 - Christina Rodriguez-Fierro, Chris Kim & Michael Certa

L3 - Nicole Dominique, Joe Romito & Amanda Barkemeyer

Resident - Dr. Erika Arceneaux & Dr. Paige Deville


Their interactions with their peers, patients, and community have been noted, and we want to commend them on being such great members of the LSUHSC community. These students embody the GHHS pillars of Respect, Integrity, Service, and Empathy.


Congratulations again and keep on being golden!