library1The Edgar Hull Society is the Internal Medicine Interest Group at LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans.  Our organization seeks to promote the field of internal medicine to LSU medical students, other members of the LSU Health Sciences Center and the public at large through a variety of activities and avocations.

Meetings provide a relaxed atmosphere for students to explore internal medicine and its various subspecialties, along with an opportunity to meet some of the leading physicians in the field.  Through a partnership with the American College of Physicians, the Edgar Hull Society not only actively participates on a national level, but it also provides its members with resources to pursue opportunities in medicine.  In addition to its educational and informational mission, our group gives back to the New Orleans community through the Society's advocacy for community service.



The mission of the Edgar Hull Society is:

  • To provide students with information about internal medicine and its subspecialties.
  • To expose students to physicians in the field of internal medicine, who can provide them with an understanding of the role of an internist and/or subspecialist.
  • To provide an opportunity for students with common interests to learn, network and relax together.