Rebecca A. Clark, MD, PhD

Director, HIV Outpatient Research Programs
HIV Outpatient Lead Physician
Professor of Medicine

HIV Outpatient Program
Infectious Diseases Section, LSUHSC-MCLNO
2235 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA  70119
504-826-2016 Phone
504-680-0249 Fax


Dr. Clark is the primary care clinician for the majority of women with HIV attending the HIV Outpatient Program (HOP) since 1991. As both the HOP Maternal/Child Director and Director of the HOP Research Programs she has had the opportunity to develop an innovative setting conducive to the optimal management of HIV in women, including the chance to participate in a research. Subsequently, the HOP clinic has been highly successful in the recruitment and retention of women into clinical trials and other longitudinal studies. At the national level, Dr. Clark was active in the Adult ACTG when the site was funded. She continues to oversee pharmaceutical sponsored clinical trials, translational research, and epidemiologic studies at HOP. As an epidemiologist, she also serves as mentor for students conducting research at both the LSU and Tulane schools of public health. In 2004, Dr. Clark published the first and only book for women with HIV (second edition to be published 2012).

Research Interests

HIV infection in women

Selected Publications

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